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March 02, 2017


David George

I also get really annoyed when I see idiotic posts like the one posted by Goliath.

This is a key point:

>>the overaching intention of the article is to provide a short-cut for “dudes” without the time or inclination to do the work themselves. It is pure affectation.

I've known people like this over the years, who collected music the way kids once collected baseball cards. They may have been "completists" in some sense of the word, but had no idea of any context of what they were buying and ostensibly listening to.

And the Goliath list is annoying because I feel there are some entries that contradict others. I can see the connection between Toys in the Attic and it's descendant, Appetite for Destruction, but where the hell does Aquemini fit in?

If any "dude" or (dudette for that matter), owned this collection I'd suspect that they were the type of person who also collects unrelated, meaningless facts (a garbage salad) to share over cocktails or whatever they share these days.

And I'm pretty irate at the appropriation of Ziggy. Sorry, this schmuck at Goliath wouldn't even know this album existed if Bowie were quietly enjoying his retirement right now. (And the timing of the original posting seems to coincide with his untimely demise: He was all over the news when this was posted, so it was included.) Yes--great album and I still have my very scratched vinyl copy that I bought in 1975 or thereabouts. But this is on the list only because he died.

The fact that neither Exile on Main Street or London Calling are on this list makes it completely bogus. Either of those is far more 'essential' than anything listed. But then again I think either of those is far too complex for the typical wash-and-wear dude or dudette. Ironically both have 18 very diverse songs, which is more than the audience for this list could handle. They do not have the attention span.


I suspect Mr. Sheldon only received "exposure" instead of a check for writing that - the fate of many an "online content creator". Perhaps GOLIATH got exactly what it paid for?

That being said, the bit on Portihead was so ridiculous ("Just be sure to avoid calling this woman a chick!") LOL.

Jeff Jotz

I understand that You can't teach taste, but during our time spent as an impressionable youngster, there are individuals and circumstances that can help a kid chart a unique cultural pathway. Most of that isn't deliberate.

David George

>>there are individuals and circumstances that can help a kid chart a unique cultural pathway

Having a big brother helps.

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