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February 20, 2017


David George

Disclaimer: I am and will always be a huge Stones fan, having first seen them on 06/22/75 @ MSG and last on 12/08/12 @ Barclay Center. Have seen them about 20 times total including the infamous "Show for Snow" on 04/22/79, the benefit Mr. Richards had to participate in as part of Toronto drug case. My shelves are filled with all the major and minor books on them and I have most of their catalog in three generations (LP plus orig CD plus the remastered versions). The point is I'm a diehard, lifelong fan.

That being said, I thought Exhibitionism was very good, but could have been even better. Given the huge amount of video and film out there, I expected more of that. The guitar displays appealed to me (as a musician), but noticeably absent were the main "players" (the most famous of the instruments they have used). I find this understandable, but it was still kind of disappointing.

My main gripe was there was very little regarding anyone but the four "survivors." I grew up in the Ron Wood era, and have no preference for Jones versus Taylor versus Wood: They were all very different periods. (And I do not believe Tattoo was their last credible LP, btw). But I think that Jones, Taylor, and Wyman got a bit short-changed in this exhibit overall.

I did enjoy it, but was surprised regarding some stuff that was missing.

David George

For those yet to attend: A highlight for me (as a bass player) was the Vox amp that legend has it was the reason Wyman got hired (it was huge for the time, though just a common configuration for decades now). What I found funny was that some of the books I have read made it sound like this amp was much, much bigger than it is: It's just a 2 X 10" combo, meaning two 10 inch speakers with the amp built in. To paraphrase what Bowie once said, it's sometimes best not to meet your heroes: they are often smaller than you imagined.

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