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February 13, 2017


David George

Thanks for posting this. Sadly, the Grammys will never be cool enough or insightful enough to acknowledge anyone like Vega.

And speaking of being "all things to all people," how the hell is Bowie "alternative"? I don't know if this is a new designation since I haven't paid attention to the Grammys since, well ever, since they never paid attention to much of what I always loved, but it seems like they were just trying to squeeze him into a slot because he died. Where were they with "The Next Day," which as I have said here before I believe is a far, far better album than ★? Was that even nominated?

I guess he can't compete against the dreck that's current, which is why he needed a sub-category.

(Part of what's saddest for me about when we lose any of our heroes is that those who truly didn't give a shit when someone was alive come out of the woodwork for the wake. This was a huge factor with Bowie.)


Overpaid celebrities getting awards...'shit on that'!!

GG Allin

Yet another nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn!

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