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February 23, 2017



Somewhat Off-Topic-Kid with a nice trip around the city:

The MessyNessy site is an endless hole of interesting "music" or "records", but only if you'vegot the time ;^)


This is actually decent, given Japanese pop was dominated at the time by corporate-manufactured, consciously marketed "idol" music. (Pink Lady, anyone?) Malcolm McLaren was an honest newbie compared to what Sony and EMI Music Japan were doing in the late 70s-early 80s. Maybe it's because of Lenny Kaye this particular song doesn't sound as if a robot pieced it together in a studio; maybe it's the New York setting and the old school breakdancers in the video (which would have been extremely daring in racially homogenous Japan).

[Though yeah, appropriation of African American pop culture in Japan, including lip synching to recorded music in blackface, has been a thing for long while. I'll stop here, before this turns into a David Foster Wallace meditation with footnotes and brackets.]

Lenny Kaye

Thanks for the bit o' time travel... Go Ohgami came to America with his manager, Yoshio Takeuchi, and wanted to make an album. I enlisted my band at the time, the Lenny Kaye Connection, with Paul Dugan on bass, David Donen on drums, and C.P, Roth on keyboards and we made a delightful paean to American pop in the year 1984...dig those analog synth sounds! I have no idea what happened to Go, but he really enjoyed being on the lower east side. The record was only released in Japan. And while a fun song, I can't claim to have written it, since Go brought it with him on his jaunt to New York...

Best: Lenny Kaye

Alex in NYC

Wow. Holy crap! Lenny Kaye weighs in!!! It never fails to amaze me when individuals I mention here suddenly comment. Cheers, sir. I shall duly amend. Thank you!!!

Alex, Videowave Votary

Interesting post, including the jab at an "an antiquated cable access music show", as the show had new episodes up until 2012! In fact, Lenny Kaye was on a few times. Unfortunately, this video is depressing to watch given the elapsed time.

Alex in NYC

Thanks for leaving the comment, Alex -- In all honesty, that was not meant as a "jab".... I honestly didn't know Videowave was still an ongoing thing. I

Alex, Videowave Votary

No worries--I'm sure almost no one else does either!

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