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February 28, 2017



Well there you go......I had conjured up an image of some coked-out single father who got his meth lab fix-ins mixed up with baby food prep.....

So much so that I was SHOCKED to initially discover (as I followed along) that you were married.....FIRST thing that came to mind =
She must be a saint.


I've always assumed the "pablum" part of the name was a reference to fatherhood; one of the recurring themes of the blog is how your current experiences as a dad are reconciled with the interests and endeavors of your youth. At times it's messy or painful (in that the readership - even those who don't have children - can feel & share that pain), but always a good read.

As we get older it's important to remember who we were, and cultivate that as an aspect of who we ARE. Those who cut themselves off from their past tend to lose sight of themselves. "Growing up" is way, WAY more complicated than getting rid of your old vinyl or wearing suits instead of leathers. I think you're on the right track!

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