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February 22, 2017


S. Norman

Ha, I remember seeing them. They did the whole show on roller skates.

Here's a 'news' show interview with them. Has a club scene and some street footage:


You're not alone - I also recall Mr. Fuji’s Tropicana, tho I wasn't a regular! I seem to remember going there after shows sometimes, and there was one NYE where I was on the roof with a friend, telling him all about the Lone Star & the lizard that used to be where we were standing.


I remember Mr. Fuji's! My roommate briefly dated a bar back there, so we always got in quickly and enjoyed free drinks. Loved dancing upstairs.

Alex, Videowave Votary

Incidentally, this music video was also taken from an episode of Videowave. Did you already know the Gloo Girls recorded in Mr. Fuji’s Tropicana or you just came across it randomly (or I guess, after seeing the Go Ohgami video, given the proximity in time of the two posts)?

Unfortunately, while the building was replaced by another ubiquitous luxury condo (and Manhattan definitely needs more of those), fortunately the reptile has a safe home at the Fort Worth Zoo.


I remember Mr Fuji's Tropicana with great affection. The two levels with different music. I miss Fuji's and Nell's so much.

Clifford chase

I worked there from day one.
Mark a principal owner had the Gloo girls shoot there. Patty , the lead singer was his girlfriend and managed the club. SAVOYA helped design the place (RIP) . Mark died around 1995. GILBERT DIED AS a doorman in Miami years later. The staff was fun and tight. I shared a place opening summer with Ananda.

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