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January 21, 2017


David George

I also attended. I've never seen a larger or more diverse crowd.

For me seeing this actually eased some of the pain of the past few days.


Power to the people! Wipe the smirk off the
Little Cheeto's face!!
Truck Fump!!

Was Proxy

Ah, the tantrums of generation creampuff. Very entertaining!

Here's to 1,457 more days of AWESOME !

Alex in NYC

I realize you're just being what the digital natives call "a troll," Mr. P, but I am genuinely curious -- do you really think things -- even at this very early stage of the proceedings -- are legitimately going well? Are you pleased with the actions of the office and its appointees? Do you not find certain things -- like, say, the "alternative facts" exchange or the newly mandated National Day of Patriotic Devotion -- a bit bizarre? Serious question.

Was proxy

Well Alex - unlike most liberals / dems re: Hillary - I am perfectly willing to admit Trump is not even close to the perfect vehicle for this. HOWEVER - he is exactly what was needed vis-a-vis a total reset - a total FUCK YOU - to American government, with its lack of transparancy, corruption and non-representation of THE PEOPLE. I'll go one step futher and say that the MSM, as a result of their corruption and collusion, has created a historic level of cognitive dissonance with those who drink their kool aid and live in their sphere - you mention yourself, your circle, etc. Take a step back and look at it from the viewpoint of the other half of the country. We reject the facism, the intolerance, the hubris, the self-righteous entitlement, the ease of offense to every imagined slight. To us, President Trump is Punk Rock! A blow against the establishment, just like many on the left sought with Bernie. There will be mistakes but anything was better than still more leftist nonsense after 8 long years of it. Serious answer for you there - like Trump himself, may not be perfect but hopefully conveys the concept.

Alex in NYC

Hey There, Mr. Proxy -- Now, while I don't agree with you at all, I am grateful for your detailed, thoughtful and serious input. That said --"lack of transparancy, corruption and non-representation of THE PEOPLE" .... you could easily be talking about Trump's first week in office right there. I've maintained from the beginning that I understand the need for a total reset, but Trump ain't it. My goto analogy was that putting Trump in the White House is like putting a lit firecracker in a broken toaster. Will it shake things up? Sure! Will it fix anything? Nope.

Anyway, we'll see where we're all headed in due course. Let's keep it goin'. Cheers, man. - Alex

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