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January 10, 2017


David George

I have always had a certain ambivalence toward Springsteen, particularly after his first couple of albums when he really hit it big. I like his music a lot more when he was relatively obscure. ("The River" was an exception for me.) Maybe my lack of interest had to do with how over-the-top WNEW-FM was for him that drove me over the edge or possibly it was the 'BRUUUUUCE' chanting idiots I witnessed at one of his shows in the late 90s. I just never bought into all the car-talk in his lyrical content. However, I have always respected him from the standpoint of a songwriter, but like Dylan, aside from that he really isn't that accomplished: like Dylan he can't really sing and isn't much of a guitarist. But like Dylan, his overall value transcends those limitations. I have been keeping an eye and both ears on him with delight in terms of how he has been going after the pussygrabber. And I give him a lot of credit for ignoring the fact that it's likely that a sizable portion of his devotees did vote the wrong way.

Was Proxy

Well Bruce's new book does entail his battles with mental illness - I suppose that would explain his campaigning for Hillary. Still a hypocrite though.

And you are right, singers are there to entertain me. And actors? Same as singers. But even less worthy. They aren't real. They make their living playing pretend. Their opinions are less than meaningless.

Alex in NYC

Ah, Mr. Proxy -- I can't always count on you to provide some counterpoint. Happy New Year.

was proxy

Same to you Alex !

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