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December 01, 2016



I hear ya brother. Have been walking around with it for 28 years now, though luckily also to a quite manageable extent. Story goes around that rebooting the brain can stop tinnitus in rats. Next step: to see if it works with humans too.

Here is one article out of many:

I have been called a rat many times, so I'm hopeful ;)


I've had raging tinnitus for the last 18 years, triggered (oddly) not by spending too much time at punk clubs but by ODing on Vicks cough syrup. I was working at a place that allowed only 10 days a year of paid sick leave, and with migraines I easily blew all of them before catching the flu from a coworker who wouldn't stay the fuck home when he was sick. I literally chugged the stuff from the bottle so I wouldn't cough my lungs up at work. Within three days my ears were ringing so loud I couldn't sleep. Now they've settled into a low but constant hum: therapy and stress management have taught me how to ignore it. Having music in the background (softly played) helps when it's really bad, but two neurologists, one a researcher at Mayo Clinic, told me they can only manage the condition, not cure it. I'm glad my son, who's now playing in his own band, wears earplugs. I'd hate for him or any kid have to go through this.

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