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December 27, 2016



666 +
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666 +
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Unfortunately, only the prep year for ShitStorm17, comin' right up.


wayne barron

twenty, sixteen seem such youthful and optimistic numbers but the loss of so many global superstars was underlined by the loss of my dad and his sister, our family's matriarch. As big a fan as I was of Bowie, Prince, Rickman, Lemmy, Cruyff, Wilder & Shandling the world gave birth to these celebrities and many more, still plodding toward or arrived at old age. twenty seventeen is doubtless going to take plenty more. With the Rolling Stones so far avoiding the grim reaper's cull and Olivia De Havilland still on this mortal coil there is always something for him to harvest. So I'll leave you with some advice from The Royal Life Saving Society "Don't Drink & Drown" (that's genuine). In the words of Seneca "The man who fears death will never do anything worthy of a man who is alive". So stay sober or thirsty, remember to smell the roses, keep on rocking and have a great 2017.

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