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November 23, 2016


David George

In terms of the various miscreants President PGrabber is insisting on surrounding himself with, I never thought I'd actually be rooting for Mitt R.

Anything to keep the truly evil (and possible per-senility) Rudy unemployed.

Here's hoping for a good Thanksgiving, if we can manage it.


Kman getting his kicks.....chasing the new dragon.....sad situational islands forming:

wayne barron

Firstly, happy holidays, from a former Englishman in new York. Secondly as an Englishman who is 5 months in to the political fall out of a voting trauma I can only sympathise as well as empathise. Empathise with the fact that such scrappy political fights lead to family battles and vitriol as well as hostility and I sympathise because at least the EU referendum was 6 months before Christmas so the usual family get together and drunken brawling can take place with the politics some way in the past. Usually very little good comes of politics and losing my voting virginity (I have only ever voted in one political event in the UK and that was this years referendum) has left me reluctant to ever touch another voting card. However my virginity loss was double, having not listened to Killing Joke before this and maybe I should be ashamed to say I didn't know they were English until I heard the accent (they are rarely heard here), it's fair to say losing my virginity on one hand was traumatic but on the other a revelation. Every cloud....and if those you love voted the other way be grateful anyway sunny days and clear skies will soon be here. XX

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