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November 29, 2016


David George

I share your disgust regarding McLaren's son's publicity stunt. I didn't see details of the actual items that were torched, but if musical instruments were involved, that would be truly criminal. Any guitars or basses could've been donated to disadvantaged schools, for instance.


All I heard about all weekend was the "burning", which I agree was a pointless exercise, but I did get some info from a friend of mine who (very broadly speaking) moves in similar circles to Corre, none of which was mentioned in any of the press I read.
Apparently he'd been trying to sell the clothes to both museums and private collectors as a job-lot for (a bargain) one million for some time but no one would bite.
Although having sold Agent Provocateur for 40 Million i'm guessing he doesn't really need the money anyway...

David George

So then he's a liar as well as a jerk

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