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November 09, 2016


Was Proxy

vs. corruption, collusion, pathological lying, arkancide, bribery, murder, war, felonies, destroying info under subpoena, inciting violence, bullying, climate change kool aid drinking, intolerance, and still more lying ?

I guess running a candidate who was A Corrupt Felonious Pathological Liar Who Couldn’t Even Win With Billions of Dollars, The Crooked Bureaucracy and the Entire Mainstream Media On Her Side ... might not have been the best move.

Alex in NYC

Well, not that it matters, but she DID win the popular vote.

was proxy

As Bill Murray said ... Well, you do have that going for you

David George

I've been in Mexico and offline since late October (I voted before I left). This whole situation disgusts me.

This seems appropriate for where we are in light of this disgrace:

You need to watch the whole song to get the intended effect.


Some of the follow-up......63% of white men voted for the Drumpfster, but so did 53% of white women......more Latinos voted for him than the last two Republican prez if yankin' pussies and calling your clan rapists don't scare you off.....insanity rules the day.....and I'm guessing the millions of Berners who just couldn't bring themselves to vote for a Clinton just might have had somethingto do with this.....hope they enjoy Ratfuck Rudy as AG.
All I can suggest is organize, organize, organize. Every issue.....every insult.....every day. Nobody ever said democracy was going to be easy....of course, nobody said it was going to be this hard either. Gotta work to make it work.

White American Jewish Dude

And the next day Russian diplomats confirmed they were in contact with the Trump team. My god, what have we done to deserve this.

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