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October 16, 2016



GODDAMMIT! Here we go again, and what about the Bleecker Street Cat, where's he going?

I hate to see this place go, it's a great store but there's one grievance I had with it...great inventory but the merchandise was not priced to move. I get it though, you have to make rent so how can you meet that overhead. The prices, I'm imagining, had to be high. Outside of that this is yet again, another nail in the NYC/downtown cultural coffin.

David George

Another sad demise. For some reason I have always favored Generation; hopefully that can hang on.

Bill Bergee

Sniff... Sad... I was there many years ago. Christmas 1976. I heard a radio show that mentioned Bleeker Street. Made me remember the record store. I looked it up. Sniff...


Used to go here when I worked in the city years ago. Everything has changed and not for the better. Too bad for another loss in the city

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