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October 30, 2016



19! However I stop going out around 1986 after everything went to shit (imo obvs). And Heat should be on that list, no? So that makes it 20.


Funny, I woke up this morning thinking about L'Amour (Rock Capital of Brooklyn!), and all the killer gigs I saw there. Also, the club across the street from the Marquee – it was an S&M club that also had metal bands. Trying to recall if the joint was actually named Paddles or if that was just one of their weekly sex nights...

Anyway, I've been to 22 clubs from that list. There are live music clubs popping up in Brooklyn -- St. Vitus, Baby's All Right, Market Hotel -- but Manhattan is definitely dying when it comes to places to play.

Alex in NYC

The club across the street from The Marquee was, I believe, ZONE DK.


Club across from Marquee was indeed ZoneDK, mostly hard rock, local, regional acts. Paddles was the S&M club hosted @ the same venue (sometimes on the same nights as music), it also hosted several Mens after hours events for many years. After nearly being hassled out of business during the Guiliani years, moved from the 21st location to the corner of 23rd and 11th for a short time.

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