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September 16, 2016



Tower hung on for so long, they tried...they tried...I miss it too


On-Topic-Kid with new (to me) Cop Shoot Cop DOUBLE YELLOW vinyl.....3rd row down.....ON SALE!

Got some interesting t-shirts too!


AND third row down here TOO:


Ah...Tower. Seems like only yesterday it was there...that is if yesterday was 2006. I spent a lot of time in the cassette department in the late 80s and early 90s because I didn't have a turntable or (believe it or not) a CD player back then. I fondly recall being down there around hmmm, 1991-92 and hearing some powerful raggedy-ass version of Little Richard's 'Tutti Frutti' done by a band that I had heard of but didn't really know much about called The MC5. The track was from a ROIR cassette called 'Babes In Arms'. I bought it immediately, been a huge fan ever since. Other landmark cassette purchases of note around that time or a little earlier were Mudhoney 'Superfuzz Big Muff' and the mini-revelation of Sonic Youth 'Daydream Nation' which I think I played every damn day for a month after I bought it.

Other than Tower, let's just for fun recap all the record stores that were also around then but are no more:

Venus Records
Rockit Scientists
Final Vinyl
Norman's Sound & Vision
Bleecker Bobs
Rocks In Your Head
Second Coming
Gimmee Gimmee
Other Music

and some others I'm forgetting..RIP

David George

I still sorely miss Tower. When I was pretty broke (most of the 80s and a lot of the 90s) the "listening stations" were an oasis: a chance to hear lots of stuff for the first time.

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