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September 28, 2016



When the book is published, it will proudly be displayed on my MOTHERFUCKIN’ coffee table.


Fantastic news - this will not only be a labor of love, but a kickass book! I'll put the word out.

Robert Egan

Power to the Paragraph, Write on!

firewater circus frog

This is awesome news. I can't wait to have this. Can we mail you our copies to have them autographed? (By you. If you could get any of the band members to sign as well, that would be cool, too.)


Coffee tables?......soooo 20th Century.

We''l put ours on the Nutflix and CrystalMeth table, thank-you very much.

BIG ups:^)

Gregory Byrne

You know, I've picked up two of the CSC reissues based on your posts. They opened for Butthole Surfers on 42nd st, but I arrived too late so I never saw'em. However, I dig the records so much, I play them at work from time to time. People stop & listen. Two guys asked me "Who the hell is this?" one was the bassist from Feederz, the other, a former member of Eagles Of Death Metal. Thanks for hyping these cats!


I don't own a motherfucking coffee table to put it on. What you going to do about that, eh?!

Dan C.

Well, I've been sucked into your blog for years, so a motherfuckin' coffee table book sounds good to me! I'll even make sure it's ordered in MOTHERFUCKIN' Libraries!

Laura White

oh yeah. CSC has long needed the attention that alluded them. Looking forward to this book, my coffee table has room

White American Jewish Dude

If you decide to Kickstarter this thing, count me in.

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