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  • Burning Flags Press
    The website of Glen E. Friedman. Renowned for both his work with musicians like Fugazi, Minor Threat, Public Enemy, the Beastie Boys, Slayer (and many, many more) as well as his groundbreaking documentation of the burgeoning skateboard phenomenon in the late `70's, Glen has been privvy to (and has summarily captured on film) some of the coolest stuff ever. He's also an incredibly insightful and nice guy to boot.
  • SoHo Blues - Photography by Allan Tannenbaum
    Allan Tannenbaum is a local photographer who has been everywhere and shot everything, from members of Blondie hanging out at the Mudd Club through the collapsing towers of the World Trade Center on September 11th. You could spend hours on this site, and I have.
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    Amazing vintage photographs of New York City, specifically my own neighborhood, Greenwich Village.
  • oboylephoto
    Just some intensely cool photographs of abandoned places.
  • Rikki Ercoli's Legends of Punk
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  • Pinhole Photography by Veronica Saddler
    NYC landmarks shot through a pinhole lens. Neat-o.
  • Eugene Merinov
    Compelling shots of Punk, Post-Punk and New Wave band performing live in various long-lost venues in a pre-sanitized New York City. Great stuff!
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August 12, 2016


Robert Egan

I looked at the reverse phone directory for 1980 at the NYPL and the following business were located at 223 West 36th Street:
1) Vintrell Tavern
2) Hyklass Foods
3) Nakahasi Kenji
-No mention of Cell54. No one with a name like Cellonite that mmight have been shortened.
-Maybe the coffeeshop's was registered as Vintrell Tavern but it went by Cell54?
-It's a mystery inside a conundrum wrapped in an enigma, as Woody Allen I think once said.

David George

I'm not totally convinced that it's solved. One of the difficulties is that it's really hard to determine how wide the door is where Chrissy H is standing, but it appears to be narrower in the head-on shot. And I don't think the brick pattern is too significant because that would be standard stuff on that type of construction.

Also, in the marked (new) photo, the edge of the stoop (obscured by the chair) seems to run all the way to where the vertical line that is the edge of the bricks is, whereas in the Pretenders shot it appears to end even with the edge of trim around the door.

I guess a visit to 223 West 36th Street is in order.

These things are maddening, you know. :)


Call me crazy but it seems like most of the time when there's a reference to a number in the name of a business the number usually specifies the street it's on. Could it be that Cell 54 was on 54th St.? Just a thought.

Wherever this Cell 54 place was this image captures a time and place that will probably never be matched EVER again. It just underscores that music and the city at that time were a SHITLOAD more interesting than they are today. Yeah, I'll say it it terms of popular culture things were waaay more original and progressive back when. That's not nostalgia, that's a fact. 'The Future Sucked!!"

David George

URLBrenner said:

"this image captures a time and place that will probably never be matched EVER again."

I couldn't agree more. I work early hours and walk throughout the city almost every afternoon, with no particular destination in mind (usually taking pictures here and there). Today I wandered past Wollman Rink, and it got me a bit teary in terms of what was and never will be again. Saw so many great shows there: Rockpile w/ Blondie, Devo, Joe Jackson, Talking Heads w/the B52s, the Ramones, the Pretenders....

And that was when people actually watched and listened and danced instead of staying glued to their fucking evil phone shooting a crappy video they will never watch...

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