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August 08, 2016


Randee Dawn

Hear hear.


A case of 'everything that is wrong with everything'.


Well said.


AGREED! nice one Alex.

William Score

Yes! Finally someone says it! Violence is the answer to free speech!

Alex in NYC

Ah yes, ... free speech.

Mr. Score, if so much of what you read here offends you, why do you keep coming back?

William Score

Hi Alex, not offended here... just like to watch you confused losers trainwreck yourselves

Alex in NYC

Lovely. Well, in the interest of free speech, I'll go ahead and publish that comment, but I'd respectfully ask to keep your slights to a minimum.

And to be clear, my comment about getting punched in the face for wearing this stupid shirt doesn't equate with my condoning such an act, but I can certainly see it happening. And while, yes, free speech certainly enables one to say and wear such messages, but it's not a license to behave like a tone-deaf, insensitive asshole. You, of course, may beg to differ.

William Score

Sorry to have to break the news to you but free speech includes tone-deaf insensitivity... And to educate you further, get it right: the vast majority of black/brown people HATE YOU. We (and I include myself only because of my skin color, not because I think the same) don't care what you tweet or if you light a candle while crying because "BLM"... You better just keep coming with the EBT payments or else! It's embarrassing and I hate it and I wish it wasn't so but there it is

Alex in NYC

Like I said, .... you may beg to differ.

William Score

Thank you, I do respect that you didn't delete these comments. (Now if only the rest of the USSA felt the same way!)

Alex in NYC

Well, y'know ... it's a dialogue. We've never met, but I'm sure there's a lot we actually agree on. We can still be civil and learn from each other, ... not to sound all Kumbayah about it.

White American Jewish Dude

God forbid a minority group should want to publicize its own plight. I never understood why there was so much backlash to the BLM movement...until I saw who was doing the 'lashing. And yes, I intentionally said "lashing."

Was Proxy

BLM is a movement that DESERVES discrediting and ridicule as much as any other org that is misguided and inherently racist. Although I will admit I liked the BLACK OLIVES MATTER sign at that Italian restaurant better.

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