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August 12, 2016



Well I think you should (ahem) drop the Cargo speedo, put some REAL freakin' pants AND Docs on, leave your family IMMEDIATELY, and go see this in Cleveburg:

Failing that, there is a SLIGHT chance that they will live stream this (they usually do for their "education lectures", because who DOESN'T want to be LECTURED about fuckin' ROCK AND ROLL ;^)


Well, OF COURSE, the RockFall failed AGAIN....Clevelanders get used to it after awhile :+(

Meanwhile for your summer reading pleasure, here's a very well-written article about the current, and past, state of music and racial issues/ not-so-Great Britain:

Diff sub: Remember when our plea was "Kick Out The Jam, Motherfuckers!"?
Now it's "Remember......The Sunscreen!" ;^)


It's quite obvious that Mister Rotten just ain't as sharp as he used to be.
PERFECT opportunity to stomp this guy's head, get arrested, and kick-OFF his tour with a BANG!

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