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July 12, 2016


David George

This is worse in a lot of ways than what Bloomies did a few years ago. I can't tell from the picture above whether they're selling shirts that 'look' old...that's something that really makes my blood boil. I have a few dozen so-called "vintage" shirts (most too fragile to wear) such as my cherished "Give 'Em Enough Rope" shirt and when I see fake washed-out shirts it really pisses me off. It's similar to what the musical instrument industry has done over the past several years: selling "relic" guitars that are scraped up and sanded to "look" like they are worn because you've practiced your ass off for years.


Somewhere in the last 20-25 years the affluent have become interested in and have appropriated physical space and trends that at one time were exclusively middle class or underground. Some sort of search for identity if you ask me. A lot of these things that had depth and meaning to a certain segment of culture are now just items in a whirlpool of consumerism. 'Cool' is just another thing for sale.

By the much are those t-shirts. I gonna take a wild guess and say above $25.


Ha! Are you gonna grab one for the wife or daughter? Yeah- didn't think so.

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