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July 27, 2016


David George

Subterranean was one of my all-time favorites, possibly BECAUSE it was was "cramped and dank and a bit musty." I felt the same way about a "curio" (aka someone's old junk) shop on Lex and E29th that if memory serves was called "Ye Olde Things." Like Subterranean, you never knew what you'd find. And of course now it's gone, replaced b y some nondescript faceless tower. It was the diametric opposite of what's considered a viable business today. I really don't give a shit if the goodies people are after today were actually "baked my Melissa": I won't buy that crap.

David George

I meant "baked by... ."


Subterranean was one of the all time best New York record stores and looking at those pictures makes me miss it even more. David George, I hear you on Ye Olde Things and I remember that place well. I've been in NYC for 30 years now and back in the day there were plenty of the Ye Olde Things types places around. Places that were just magnificent unorganized piles of random old junk. The experience of going through that stuff was amazing on many levels. Years ago there was one such place on 14th St., I think between 2nd and 3rd. As I recall a decrepit old dude ran the place. Anybody remember Garbo Garb on East 3rd or Live, Shop, Die on Avenue A? It's a shame that places like that are now an endangered species in New York City.I have better luck going outside of the city to browse in stores like that. Occasionally I'll unearth a gem of some kind.

William Score

I share your disdain for Trump but why none for Hillary?

William Score

Ah just read a bit of the linked article, got to the "smarts, professional experience, etc. etc." and had to stop...

Even worse than a Trump or Hillary are the easily duped/willingly enslaved.

Alex in NYC

I take it you're implying me there, given my branding of Hillary as such. Do you deny that she's smart? Do you deny her professional experience, or do you take that to be a hoax or some sort of window-dressing? Let me say once again, I'm not a huge fan of Hillary at all, but I'll take her over Trump.


How can you not post the Jam song?

David George

>>Let me say once again, I'm not a huge fan of Hillary at all, but I'll take her over Trump.

Here, here. Exactly. If by some freak of nature Trump got in the U.S. would be the laughing stock of the West.

Was Proxy

Interesting take as Trump is ASSUMED an idiot, incompetent, etc. while Hillary is a PROVEN one as well as a felon, liar, traitor and more. I'd take the former over the latter easily as with her you know what you'll get and it ain't good at all. And no she is not smart, she is simply cagey, and her experience is more of a police blotter than something to be proud of....

Alex in NYC

I'd say the assumption that Trump is an idiot is a pretty solid one, given the stupefying crap that routinely sprays out of his mouth. While, once again, I'm not a fervent Hillary supporter, I don't think she's stupid. You don't spend virtually your entire life in the public eye under intense scrutiny and rabid investigation and largely sail through it unscathed by being an idiot.

I respect your disdain for Hillary, but Trump is, for my money, by far the more disastrous choice.

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