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July 06, 2016


Gregory byrne

Outside the Dug-Out is where Jodie Foster meets DeNiro. Also, there was a crayon drawing of a crane holding a bucket of teeth, signed "Killdozer." Loved that place. Bought by parents of recent college grads and given to them. They renamed it "the looking glass." No caps because they don't even deserve that respect. Did see GG at "Space At Chase" though.

Ronaldo Gazzinelli

I worked there!!!!!!! Had a great time!!!!! Is Paul(Pauli-the menager) still living? Bless him!!! And everybody else!!! And the NYU students that really kept the place busy!!! Amazing crowd!!!1989.

John L Venable

Started to go to the Dugout in the 60's when I frequented the Bitter End, Gaslight and the Basket houses, had many drinks at the Bar with an old Actor named Stan (Pop in the Anderson Tapes) and I ran into Frank Amiretto (SP?) one of the Bartenders in later years.

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