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July 28, 2016



A little off topic here, but after watching that video now 10 years later and seeing the detail of the interior and the crowd of people hanging outside you just have to ask once again...was it really THAT necessary to close CGBG? Did its closure IMPROVE anything?

David George

My experience with CB's bathroom started around 1982 and continued till the mid- to late-90s. I really don't think it was any nastier than a lot of the bathrooms around town--I thought the Scrap Bar was worse. The graffiti in CBs was epic and the "aroma" typically pungent, but it never struck me as at all dangerous and I never witnessed anything unusual. On the subject of bathrooms @ music venues, The City Winery, where I go several times per year, might be the only place in New York where the men's room line is as long as the one for the ladies. I think that's more about demographics: A lot of the men who once used CB's facilities now go to TCW and don't exactly have the strongest bladders at this stage of the game.

The Varvatos establishment is a total waste of space. Spent about 75 seconds there once. Never again.

Randee Dawn

Trust me, the women's bathroom was no better. First time I ever saw stalls w/o doors.

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