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July 13, 2016


David George

Great post--have not seen the videos yet, but will check them out. If memory serves, Save the Robots was the place with really low ceilings and a floor composed entirely of beach sand, which made "dancing" something of a non-event. I also seem to remember that there was something weird about their drink menu: I think they only sold mixed drinks in plastic cups.

Shawn G. Chittle

Can you post the URL? If its a public post we can see it.

East Village Today

Thanks god these days are over — people lived like animals then!

Alex in NYC

Some of those "animals" are friends and regular readers of this blog, so perhaps a little thoughtful consideration would be in order.

David George

Yeah--I think I knew the guy in the last pic at one point. I would take many aspects of those days over the present. At that time whatever dangers were present, were more easily recognized (and avoided).

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