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June 08, 2016


David George

This is way beyond garden-variety depressing. Maybe I am out of touch, but given all the economic pressures facing most people in NY, does anyone actually shop in places like "Scotch & Soda"? Whenever I read about cherished places like this going down for the count it occurs to me that I would NEVER shop in the replacements. That goes for high-end clothing, fro-yo, and those fucking cupcakes that seem to be everywhere. Who buys this shit? Do they really buy $27K or $40K a month's worth?


I was reading some comments yesterday with the usual blame going to downloading, Spotify and that kind of thing. Make up whatever socio-economic theory you like, at the end of the day this is about inflated rent and inflated rent only. In other major cities in this country there are physically HUGE independently owned record stores, places that take up a lot of square footage and they are alive and doing very well. I know because I visit them. That can't happen here anymore. Anyway...I'm getting sick of watching the slow and systematic dismantling of the true culture of New York City. Yeah I said 'true'. This town has a long history of independent and critical thinking. That kind of mindset can't survive in a place that fosters extravagant mediocrity. I've lived here for 30 years and I'm planning on leaving at the first opportunity.

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