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June 09, 2016



You are such a tease!



my final stretch: South side of Houston at Chrystie/2nd Ave!!!!!

David George

The suspense is killing me!


Ahhhh, grasshopper.....

....quests NEVER end, they just become fondly remembered episodes of psychotic behavior.

Case in point : the LONG-rumored Poughkeepsie pics of the devoted knock-off group Lunapricks; should keep you going for awhile longer....;^)

And while we're waiting, wondering if you have any feelings about bootleg records/tapes/downloads/etc? Beginning back in the early 70s, it was ALWAYS a most exquisite experience seeing new ILLEGAL record releases up on the rack. It just felt like such an appropriate way to receive one's rock'n'roll fix. Here's a blogger who does an excellent job of chasing down the stories behind just about every boot out there, while reviewing new boots (but not panties, unfortunately :+) :

Punk and New Wave boots?
Ohhh yessss.

David George

re: DrBOP's query about bootleg records/tapes...

When I was in high school I was a big collector of bootlegs on vinyl, primarily live Stones. Although these were clearly illegal, I think that was really a much different situation and served a much different purpose than illegal (and legal) music downloads would in the decades to come. Buying bootleg vinyl didn't replace buying LPs: buying bootleg vinyl just fed that habit. I still bought all the albums on vinyl (and later CDs). And I'm still a sucker for remasters, which means there are some cases where I have 3 generations of the same content. I miss the days of going into small indie shops (before they were called "indie") and finding some obscure show on a bootleg.

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