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May 10, 2016



I have the audiobook to killing yourself to live and i always find myself intrigued by the strikingly accurate "musical storyboard" that Kid A is to the events of sept. 11. however, even klosterman acknowledges that most of kid a was written when yorke had a terrible bout of writers block, and was writing lyrics on scraps of paper and pulling out lines and working them into the musical arrangements. all of this was happening in the fall of 2000. so unless yorke was pulling the scraps from the goblet of fire, and there is some unexamined lapse in the space time continuum, it is verifiably impossible that it was in a anyway a prediction.

Josh Lawson

The thing is, there was more to it than just the album and a couple of images. There was so much promo art going around, websites, videos, etc. I was curious about the 9/11 connection too, after seeing the “flaming tower” album art and a picture of twin pyramids with windows like skyscrapers bleeding into a river. It was uncanny just how much of that media depicted some variation of themes like twin buildings, fire and death, even airplanes crashing into a city on the water. Some of the strangest were the MTV “blips” they aired leading up to the albums release

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