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May 17, 2016




Sorry, I didn't mean to stir up a turdstorm for you. I was in a rush to head out to work when I made my first comments and must point out my errors. I meant NoHo not Nolita, 2nd Street not 2nd Ave and lastly Downtown not "underground."

As for Downtown, the White Zombie show was my first show to see when I arrived in early summer of '89. I checked with my old roomie from back then and he's thinking the Lunachicks did open. I'm not sure, because it was all a fog... I do recall the 666 address, but the stairwell from the sidewalk to the basement doesn't seem right. It doesn't seem wide or rather long enough to accommodate the stairs and door entrance.

Ok, this might also be out there but I remember the stairs to the club being further away from Broadway too, not as close to the Western corner. It was either mid block and more Easterly, and or it's not the same stairwell. It is gone done cemented over. Because I looked for this damned entrance mid '90s and every other time I was in the neighborhood and I couldn't find it.

Back to the quintet: I believe my observation about that background water tower might actually be a no parking/snow route sign on a lamp post? Anyway, I've just burned through a pot of coffee google street viewing NoHo, Nolita too hah, and the first four Streets east to west from 1st Ave to Lafayette trying to glean the damned building facade similar to that Cost tag to zero avail.

I am at wits end about what appears to be an empty lot behind them 'Chicks, a tree extending from a vacant lot over the side walk, the crumbling street level brick foundation next to them, is it a single story? that chunked up sidewalk of Bowery width at hers feet, the accordion gate, the chain link and of course the lonely cornice.

thanks, call me crazy?


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