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May 14, 2016



Somewhat Off-Topic Kid suggests the various live streams from Rockpalast beginning now for the next month or so....Turbonegro on right now :

Uncle Waltie

Apropos absolutely nothing, reading your post just reminded me of a club down in SoHo. Very few people seem to remember it, but I went there quite frequently. Of course, I don't remember whom I saw there, but I do kind of remember where it was. I was a frequent Mudd Club visitor.In 1979 or 1980, I had nothing to do on Xmas Eve, so I went to the Mudd Club. Black Flag, featuring Henry Rollins were playing. By the door they had one of those glass cookie trays on which were "Happy Pills" of every imaginable color. Really wanting to be happy, I took one of each. Then I fell down 2 flights of stairs. Sorry for getting side-tracked for a moment...the club I wanted to mention was called "Tier 3". Some of the memories are getting a bit hazy, my 66 years old brain cells don't quite work as well as they used to.


I'll make a guess, but it is based on the vibe alone--so if the window frames or fire hydrants (or whatever details) don't match up, feel free to shoot me down. I won't be offended.

E. 2nd St., around the corner from CB's?


That partial perpendicular COST(REVS) tag to me, does place it in Nolita; given those two's perpetual grifittos early '90s in said area. I'll guess the vantage is the from the north side of Bond closer to Broadway, facing east with what looks like that stoic 2nd Ave at Bowery water tower in the right background????

also, I have a few thoughts about where"underground" might have been and why we don't see the basement steps to where it once was...


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