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May 09, 2016



I heard Rebel Rebel is closing at the end of June.


This truth of this town, the things that it was always know for, are being destroyed piece by piece. It's amazing what passes for 'cool' these days but the truth is 'cool' is over and rock or more specifically the rock culture or the underground are dead. New York City for generations(!) was the champion of the underground. No more. It's time to move on.

David George

>>stop streaming and show your appreciation for the artists and independent local businesses by procuring your music in physical formats at your local record/disc store all year round.

Exactly. I have never really understood the concept of Record Store Day. I have bought downloads less than 10 times (only because physical formats are unavailable). RSD always reminds me of people who pick up litter on Earth Day and the throw their shit on the street the other 364.

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