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May 27, 2016



Nice footage but as you pointed out, not necessarily amazing either. However, probably a good example of whatever slivers of truth were left in the landscape. One amazing thing though: Nobody is walking while texting, staring at or gabbing on their fucking cell phone!!! I don't see any expressions of horror on any of those peoples faces because they're not tethered to a goddam digital device. Looks like we did just fine without them.

David George

Good point, URLBrenner. I think one of the reasons I love pre-digital era New York movies is because they take me back to the time before that cancer took hold.

gregoire alessandrini

Interesting comment...which was also made once about my 1990's photographs...someone noticed that no one was holding a phone on my pictures and therefore people were interacting much more with their surroundings...which allowed more interesting street photography...
The soundtrack of the second clip should be forbidden ! :-) It's unbearable !

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