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May 05, 2016



Often times in Parliamentary elections around the world, those on "the left" have had to hold their noses and vote for another left-wing party in order to freeze out the conservative/whack-job candidate. It's how Jabbin' Justin got the landslide in Canada this past election. Our far left folks voted for the more moderate droves! (Yes, I'm hoping that the great majority of whichever candidate wins the Democratic nomination would come to their damn senses and DO THE RIGHT THING!)

Solution = ORGANIZE!


Slight return.....WARNING!
I said there's NO fuckin' way they would elect Nixon again!
I crowed that there's ABSOLUTELY no way they are going to elect Rambozo The Clown as prez!
I screamed that there's NO POSSIBLE FUCKING WAY that Bushy Jr. would get a second term!



PS = Just ran into this, part of the cockamainie bullshit we gotta deal with:

It's insanity, which explains a bit of the attitude: When you're starting out foolish (or in this case as a nightmare), you've got nothin' to lose. Fuckin' Clockwork Orange scary.

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