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May 02, 2016



I've been to Bond Street Cafe early fall '91.I don't think I heard of Downtown.


I don't remember Downtown, but I also have been to Bond St. Café... it was not a basement spot.


That is the place without a doubt.

I love the Lunachicks and saw them many times back then. This particular gig was the first time I saw them so I remember a lot about the night. Including that stairwell.I am 100% sure that's the place.

At some point a few years ago, I tried to list all the places I had seen the Lunachicks. Who knows why I did that but I did. There was only one place I couldn't remember/find the details on...this Downtown place!

Every once in a while the show pops in my head and I try again to find more info on it. Not only is the place impossible to google, but I've searched through gig histories,old flyer art...nothing.

I tried to find old Voice club listings and even looked through old issues of NY Magazine on Google Books. Just to try to find at least one mention of this club. Nothing!

I don't remember for sure but searching for this club might be how I found your site in the first place!

I am determined to beat Google and find evidence of this place and the shows that happened there. It has to be out there somewhere!

Greg B

I saw Cycle Sluts From Hell open for Gang Green at this place in 87 or 88, the place was empty.


I was at that Lunachicks/White Zombie show at downtown - that's the place 100% - I remember it surprisingly well!

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