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April 27, 2016


Bob Egan

Looks like it all fits. The grill work is the same on the metal fences. It's the IND line, which is the F train, which comes up there, and the train comes from Queens Boulevard, so maybe they were actually arriving from their home turf. Gabba-gabba-Pablum


Another Iconic photo taken the same day, I guess they transferred from the G local to the F express on their way in from Queens…

Chris Barrus

That F train stop is the closest subway to me and the one I use constantly. Righteous Ramones picture.

David George

I agree that this looks like the spot. But rather than the metalwork (which was likely standard issue at a lot of stops) I think more conclusive evidence is the proximity of the sidewalk behind them in the '75 shot and your shot from '12. That seems to match.

re: the shot outside CB's, I read (in I think a Dolls biog) that in those days they used to carry their guitars on the subway in paper grocery bags. I always loved that.

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