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April 09, 2016


Steve H

This twelve-year-old writes more observantly about music than a number of published critics who shall remain nameless. I'm sure it's genetic.

Garry Schafer

Ha was just listening to Blue Bell Knoll yesterday - definitely one of my favorites. I've got a 15 year old kid that has stolen all of my old Skinny Puppy shirts, has a deep love of Siouxsie and who has a love of KMFDM that I don't hold against her.

David George

>>As a result, my kids may not be able to rattle off song titles by Katy Perry or One Direction, but they sure as shit know Devo, Iggy Pop and the fuckin' SWANS when they hear them.

Thank god you are raising your kids right. I don't have children, which is lucky because I would probably abandon them if they ever came home with a Katy Perry CD.


Charlotte, you write better than many graduate students. And you had me at the Siouxsie & The Banshees reference as far as musical knowledge goes. I'm juuuust a little concerned that Poppa Punkoid is going to exploit your talents (and your brother's too if that's his drawing.....EXCELLENT logo!). Remember : Writers Union representation is only a couple of clicks away.

PS = COOL typewriter!

Randee Dawn

The most important part of this whole exercise is that she listens *consciously* to music and tries to parse it. There's nothing wrong with passively receiving music (or any other entertainment) but the ability to eye it critically and for how it affects you personally leads to deeper appreciation -- regardless of what she ends up liking of not. Good Daddy!


Great idea. She did a nice job for her first Flaming Pablum writing assignment and sounds like she had a lot of fun doing it - all that really matters I guess. Looking forward to reading a few more of these!


I love the typewriter.


This is Fantastic! Can't wait to read her next observations :) Brilliant!

Peter Bairstow

She is a skillful writer and speaks positively about Les Cocteaux - Je vous donez dix sur dix!


I'd like to see what she might think of The Frozen Autumn.


My 13 year old, when she was 8, stumped a record store owner by referencing Jim O'Rourke's version of Raindrops keep falling on my head from 'All Kinds of People', his Bacharach covers record released in 2010. He was unaware of the album and had never heard it. It was a glorious, unexpected moment that filled me with pride. Sure, she's now an ardent Lorde fan(which I do not mind), but she is being raised on an amazing record/cd collection that will hopefully give her the foundation to help the parse the good from the bad.

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