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March 29, 2016


David George

Bowing out would not be the solution.

The truth is that NOTHING happened in the 2000s (at least that's worth talking about).


First of all "Once you’ve crossed the Rubicon of adulthood and you’ve stopped growing"

Don't agree. 'Stopped growing'? I read your blog regularly. I'm the same age as you. I have alot of the same grievances with music and popular culture that you do. Not a native NYer like yourself, but spent 30 years here so far. There aren't enough hours in the day or week or month to get a hold of all of the books, movies, and assorted media that I want to dive into...and I've done alot of diving over the years. The point NEVER stop growing. People don't age like they used to. The person pushing 50 these days isn't the same person your grandparents were 40 or 50 years ago (eesh!).

Second: I really don't want to get long winded here, but you're not the only one that is 'that guy'. There are alot of us (so-called Gen-X) 'guys' (and gals) out there and it's because the things we're cranky about are real, it's not just alot of NIMBY whining and pouting. Things in music have changed. It doesn't evolve the way it used to. It's basically built on references to the past..a past we in part experienced FIRST HAND. There's only so far you can go with rock and roll as a musical or cultural form. It's had its day, but we got a nice helping of authenticity before went completely plastic. That's not relative, it's fact. I think that's at the heart of the discussion here.

Third: Don't split. You've been doing alot of speaking and your voice is heard. Don't go folding your tent just yet.

David George

I gave this some more thought. I agree with a lot of what URLBrenner says and feel that we can all keep growing. Yes, the NYC we knew firsthand and loved is definitely gone and those now glamorizing (or even legitimatizing) what followed really have no idea. There really isn't anything we can do about it. But in the case of what you do, I think you provide a tremendous service in terms of keeping the spirit of days gone by alive and maintaining a place where we can share we saw, heard, tasted, and felt. I really don't think there is any similarity with those _____'s playing really badly reproduced hippie music in WSP. What they are lionizing was disproved decades ago (cf., e.g., Altamont). That movement was fake and not built to last. The NYC of the 70s/80s/90s and all that came with it musically will be the benchmark for many years to come.


When Seinfeld did that great Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee with Shandling, he lamented the waste of David Brenner's brain-bank of comedy.......that when he died he took with him an incredible amount of specialized knowledge that was truly irreplaceable, and now, truly gone.

YOUR body of knowledge is also UNKNOWN to the great majority of people. However, you ain't gone yet.
You should write until you die.

(But also slow the posts if that works for you. You write pretty, pretty, pretty good, so you could take it in some new directions and we'd tag along. Another idea might be let the 'yoots re-design the site for you....that could get interesting ;^)


PS : Forgot to toss this in :


I wanna cast a vote that you don't split too.

I don't want to get all heavy, talking about age & youth and what not, and I'm certainly not the usual cheerleader type, but keep going! Keep being "that guy"!

Let the kids write about their kid stuff, that's what they know. Nothing wrong with that. You write about your stuff. I'm a regular reader specifically because of that--I am a native NY'r, same age as you, ran in similar circles. Someone has to write for us!

Who else is gonna write about KRAUT???

EV Grieve

We need your voice.

Thank you.

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