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March 21, 2016


Michael Alex

Bring back the store, bring back the knowledgable staff.

David George

I spent countless hours in there using the "listening stations" or whatever they were called and was stunned when it closed. I never considered it a big-box chain store. Those who were not around pre-internet and all of the current ways to consume (and obtain) music would probably find the whole concept odd, but once radio was taken over by mostly blabbering idiots (i.e., talk format) there weren't a lot of ways to hear new CDs and new music general. I thought it was a great public service. And although I do follow baseball, I always thought the MLB "mancave" was rather creepy, to say the least: the kind of place I'd expect Philip Seymour Hoffman's character "Allen" from the movie "Happiness" to hang out.

Bowery Boogie

Used to frequent the Tower Records, and the Tower Video a block away, almost every day. Their classical section upstairs was pretty awesome, too.

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