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March 31, 2016



I havent lived in East Kilbride since 1983 and I only lived there half the time in the previous 10 - tho yeah its officially my hometown.
for 25 years tho ive lived in Hamilton (Home of Mogwai) - the town next door. otherwise thanks for mentioning me in the article!

PS it was originally set as a challenge to me as one post a day of a song from the 70s. (The decade I was born)
But I changed it to a different genre each day. And As many posts per day as you could manage.

Mine was
Day One - Krautrock.
Day Two - Funk.
Day Three - Jazz
Day Four - Punk
Day Five - Soul.
Day Six - Progressive/Avant.
Day Seven - Metal/Hard Rock/Heavy Prog.

Cheers for the article Alex and glad you enjoyed it.

David George

Kudos for this: I would have a really tough time sticking to one-per-genre rule. What I founds interesting was that although the 10cc song, which I remember all too well as an involuntary soundtrack during my "formative years," mainly heard in the cars of various girlfriends (I was in high school) and the first Clash LP and TRB were not chronologically distant ('75, '77, '78, respectively), they feel soooo far apart (at least 10cc from the other two). I think it's related to what you were talking about yesterday. For me the period from '75 (when I attended my first concert ever, The Rolling Stones @ MSG on 06/22/75) to '80 feels like what 10 years feels like now. And some of these releases from the late '70s changed everything for me (I think for the better).

BTW: The re-release of TRB/PITD from a few years ago is great. Had it on vinyl then hadn't heard it in years. Still sounds vital. And I still think Danny Kustow is very underrated.

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