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March 25, 2016


David George

Must admit I never got into the Bad Brains (nothing against them though). But the BTs and Go4 were another story. Saw the BTs open for The Clash @ Bonds and once again proved I'd never made it as an A&R man: I thought they would be huge! And Go4 I'm bittersweet about because they are on a pretty short list of bands I really regret never getting a chance to see live. Thanks for posting these videos!


the first-ever gang of four show in the us at irving plaza was perhaps the greatest show i've ever seen.

Aaron Garrett

I was at that show -- one of the two or three best I've ever seen. All the bands were incredible. Andy Gill in particular was in the finest form imaginable.


Wow. Finding your post 2 years post. I went to this show, just turned 16. It was packed. Odd lineup, each had a different audience that would seem to come in, then change with the bands. Broken glass thrown at leftover balloons on the ceiling and some rosettes broken off from the brass railings after the show, because Punk Rock.
Would love to have this poster too.


I was there but stewing because I missed the Bad Brains because I was late from driving in from the burbs like the miserable bridge and tunnel worm I was...remember thinking Too Many Creeps didn’t sound right thru a big PA and Gang of Four looked like spastic bankers in their double breasted suits.

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