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February 09, 2016



Fully agree. And yes you happen to be right, because you are right!! I also find it hard to believe that we're all going to look in the rear view mirror 20 years down the road and see this current chapter of New York being recalled as another era of landmark creativity and cultural milestones. This spot on the timeline will be remembered for one thing: REDEVELOPMENT and the dismantling of what made New York the unique place it was for generations. If there's currently an art or cultural movement that's bubbling under the surface of our streets right now, one that started from nothing and will probably have a lasting impact on the future, please, be my guest...point me in that direction, because from where I sit as a long time resident of NYC..I don't see it happening, and it's very likely that it isn't happening at all. If it is, I stand corrected.

I also have to mention something about the word 'nostalgia'. Nostalgia to me is a cheap recollection or exaggeration of the past. It's the go to word for people to use because really their isn't a simple enough word to describe holding the past in high regard, without turning it into a party for a night where you dress up in the style of a particular era for a laugh.

A few years back I started to see 'The Future Sucked' stencil/spray painted on some buildings in the East Village. Indeed! And there you go..It's good to know that there are others out there with a similar point of view!

David George

Thanks for posting this...bittersweet indeed. I carry a camera (not a "phoney" camera) at all times and I'm always on the lookout for buildings that still have the names of long-gone companies painted on the side as shown in the clip and I really feel like I've hit pay dirt if I spot the last faded remnants of a phone number with a lettered exchange; but that hasn't happened in a long time). re: "“things were better in my day”," my wife gets pretty pissed about my obsession with movies that feature what I always describe as "New York back when it was still good."


Wow, thanks for sharing this video! It's really astonishing how much of what The Urban Eye once feared has come to pass. What would Jerry Rio say about the state of things today?

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