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February 03, 2016




But I'm not sure if life EVER calms the fuck down ;^/

And although you have provided more info on NYC album covers (and you have probably seen the post already), Ephemeral NY had a nice post on same:

David George

Thanks for posting Verlaine--great find.

The thoroughly obnoxious "Collectible" residences concept reminds me of what may have been a SNL skit that involved Trump flying over Manhattan and treating it like the game Monopoly: pointing out the window and saying: "Got it...need it...need it... ."

When and where will this end?


Had to include this here because (almost for once) it is ON old tv program with a few NYC locations that I'm sure you will recognize (remembering of course that tv can be soooo bad, it's good :+)
Best part is fishing beers out of the Hudson River :

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