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January 26, 2016



I met Keith Levene there and he had a stack of Commercial Zone LPs under him arm. I still have a copy of that record purchased from Venus, but after all this time I can't remember if that was the day I actually bought it. Also, they were the Syd Barrett/The Pink Floyd Sound go-to store. Great shop, always had something in stock worth my hard earned $$$!!!

David George

Wow--thanks for posting--completely forgot about the original location. I believe Richard Butler lived on Mott Street just below Houston at that time. Used to run into him at odd hours.


Thank you for this. I used to go to the W. 8th St. location in the early 90s. I remember having to go up the stairs to get to it. I never knew it was featured in The Psychedeluc Furs video. I grew up on Long Island so it's great to see 1982 NYC again.

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