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December 30, 2015



This is a great interview!

I remember Even Worse very well from "those days"...

jack rabid

what an f-ing GREAT interview. well done. and thank you for the kind comments about me in it as well. i was lucky to have been r.b.'s bandmate and i never played behind a better frontperson. she was and still is quite electric at all times of the day, no b.s., and was and stil is really smart and funny and quick, the way i like 'em (all of 'ems). and boy do i agree with her summation of new york, currently versus what was on offer 35 years ago if you thought you might have a try/go, what they hey! great work here. and it's always funny to see my freshly minted 19 year old self, standing on my old bed so long ago in that 999 shirt their super nice drummer pablo had given me off his back (soaked, literally, in sweat) after an irving plaza gig that month (i washed it, of course), but what i really like is that like r.b. says, our 2002 reunion WAS SO MUCH fun (and her playing guitar alongside robert made us particularly happy, she really was on it), and that a few of our songs are included here so people can hear them and enjoy them now, so many years later, as they were a gas to do! so many interesting people back then, it's good when any of us are given a chance to speak.

Chris Egan

Great read. Glad to know R.B. is still kicking ass!


New book series idea =

one book per decade =

"Shit Disturbers of New York : The 80s"

Interview the top 10 or 20 "on the the scene" characters from each decade. If the interviews turned out to be half as good as this one, you would sell many least in the NYC area ;^)

One of the better articles/interviews I've read this year. (LOVE me some Asshole Guitarists!) Keep up the GREAT work!

Congrats on the new (happy) grind, and the best of the New Year to all the boys and girls in your band.

And since it's me, the last off-topic of the year = short feature on 5 Toronto vinyl stores (Kops is the coolest) from a recently-established college journalism site :

Senior citizen ROCKIN' into '16!

Michael Carter

I don't remember wrapping her legs with duct-tape, but not saying it didn't happen...And for the record, I booked the first ever MF gig at Danceteria as part of a pub. party for my mag, redtape on Congo Bill. This shit brings me back. Look for Rivington School book on BlackDog press mid-Oct. Cheers, MC

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