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December 15, 2015


Jim coleman

Andre bratten - gode
The pink noise
Paint it black
Kurt vile


I've tried, but generally speaking I've given up on looking for music by current artists. I know that there's some good stuff out there but the experience of being part of new music lacks something for me. Probably because IMO all the great stuff has already happened. Even if a band these days is good at what they do, ultimately it seems derivative. If I had to name one new thing I liked off the top of my head it would have to be the new David Bowie single 'Black Star'. Even this far into his career he still proves to be relevant and manages to turn out some very unique music. But that's what I mean. I'm talking about David Bowie who's been making music for over 40 years! I can't say the same thing about a lot of new music I hear.

Jeremy Shatan

Here's my list - only one overlap: the mighty Pylon.

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