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November 29, 2015



Oh man, the whole Brooklyn comparison is horrible. I give any of the so-called "hipsters" (they ruined that word for me) half a winter up here, if that. They'll be running for their mama's arms faster than they could shave their beards off.


The issues with living/commuting, in/from a nice bucolic town or hamlet outside the city is this: property taxes, heating costs, and commuting expenses. Trust me, I almost made the plunge. Sure the prospect of much more space, like oh my god (!), one or more extra rooms in your home and maybe, maybe even a spacious basement and/or garage(!!) sounds amazing. But when you factor in say 200-300 dollars a month in commuting cost, the ridiculous price of oil heat (at least last winter), and the aforementioned taxes? No thanks. And oh yeah..if you're a freelancer and you're snowed in for a few days without being able to work from home, forget it way to get to the city, no pay... and the mortgage is still due every month. I have less space in Manhattan, but the headaches of living outside of here, oddly enough, seem greater than the (relatively speaking) minor headaches I deal with living in a rented apartment in the good ole LES.

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