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October 19, 2015



There is a possible NYC connection between the Feelgoods and the CBGB scene as quoted here:

For no good reason really, I've always enjoyed the fact that everyone in the band but Lee was called John but nobody went by that name; Wilko Johnson (real name John Wilkinson) The Big Figure (real name John Martin) and Sparko (real name John Sparks).


Superb post!

I, too, noticed that the plaque was the only one in the park.

I sent a photo of the plaque to my good friend whom I knew would be hip to Dr. Feelgood.

Within a minute, back comes a link to tour post. A fine example of modern technology working well.

I look forward to reading more of your posts, though you set a high bar with this one: interesting, mysterious, unexpected, and extremely witty.

Thank you.

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