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September 14, 2015


Bob Egan

HI Alex,

On first glance it looks like a Hollywood set, although it does seem that the subway stairs go down underground -- you can see the light at the bottom of the stairs.

It also looks like the corner of Bleecker and Minetta Street, with the action taking place on Minetta Street, though I know it isn't.

The main thing that makes it seem like a Hollywood set is that there's a rather prominent sign reading "6th Avenue - Avenue of the Americas." next to the apartment building, but the street it's on is only as wide as Minetta Street.

I just looked on Google Street view - there is a 6th Ave/Ave/America sign at that corner, but it's 20 feet away -- on 6th Avenue.

I'm glad Lou finally got the joystick. (You would think he would want the Atari game machine that came with it, too)

- Bob

James Taylor

Might it be the area around Sixth & Spring/Broome? Lots of small triangular parks and a few vacant lots if I'm not mistaken. Subway would be the A-C-E.


It's a Hollywood set. It's way too narrow to 6th ave and def not MinettaLANE. Also vid was shot by a Polish director who was living in LA in 1984 at the time of Red Joystick release.

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