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September 24, 2015



the one thing I remember about Pier Platters was asking if I could use the bathroom and being told tersely "there is no bathroom in this store" by a long red hair girl who sometime later I saw hanging out with T. Moore and Co at Villa Della Pace on 7th street...

For me a magical store was 99 - Ed would take the time to suggest and play records ( to an 18 yr old with not much money )- the guy was so understated and cool ...

Jeff Jotz

Well NJ is something I know a little bit about, so I'll chime in. Pier Platters was probably your archetypal indie record store if you go by snob credentials alone. The clerks were indifferent to customers and exuded an air of exclusivity.
Tunes a few blocks north on Washington St. first appeared in the 90s and exclusively sold digital media, IIRC. The store is still around and you were able to buy tickets for shows at Maxwell's not long before the 2013 closure.
I don't recall the staff of Midnight Records on 23rd St. being very welcoming, but I was only a timid, record-hunting HS student when I started shopping there. Second Coming was my favorite place to buy CDs in NYC.


a few points:

- not only "did" steve shelley live in hoboken, he still does.

- i don't think steve ever worked at PP, but SY's lighting person suzanne did, as well as a bunch of other musicians over the years.

- hoboken was also the location of sonic youth's rehearsal space, now still used by the lee renaldo band.

- there wasn't any "second incarnation" of PP later on, they had two simultaneous locations. they opened a second storefront a block away at one point, one store for vinyl and one for cds. or was it one for new and one for used stuff, i forget.

- i think you are misreading thruston's quote. when he says PP was "the only" place, i doubt very much he meant it literally. it's an expression, the best place in his opinion, and probably the first one.

- 99 was closed by 1985, possibly free being as well (might be wrong).

pier platter was an awesome store.


just remembered: SY's first drummer bob bert also lived in hoboken for many years.

Gaylord Perry

Thurston Moore is losing his cred by the day. Soon he'll be the alt-Dave Grohl.

David George

I lived in Hoboken from '82 to '88 (and coincidentally rehearsed in the same building as SY).

My recollection was that PP was OK and just OK. I definitely remember an off-putting attitude. It always felt like an outpost and in the sticks. I never considered it a New York store. I much preferred RiYH, Sounds, and many other places all since gone.


i posted a long comment last week clarifying lots of things about PP, not sure why it wasn't posted.


This is funny because there is a book about record collecting called Vinyl Junkies in which Thurston talks very enthusiastically about what a haven Bleecker Bob's was, and how he would steal 20 bucks out of his Mom's purse back in 77 so he could come to the city and buy records there.

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