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September 22, 2015


Chip Gliedman

Well, I can answer this question semi-conclusively.

It was shot on location in the West Village. I was the location manager for the video. We used the park, door on the corner for the entrance to the apartment, and the upstairs window we used to shoot the reverse angles. (I am in the video at at the 2:40 mark). I say semi-conclusively, since, while I think it was 6th and Broome, we looked a a lot of locations like it (and there are a lot of little parks in the West Village), and its been 36 years since it was made.

The phone booth, newsstand, street lamps, and a bunch of other stuff were all brought in. Also, signs were duplicated, which allowed us to place them as desired into frame.

The Director of the video was Tim Newman, who also directed Lou's "I Love You, Suzanne." You probably know his work for ZZ Top.

Depressing story from the shoot- while working on the video, a young lady (teens) came up to us and asked who the video was for. When I responded "Lou Reed," she asked "What has he done that I might have heard?" and then she shrugged her shoulders when I answered. Made me feel old (I was about 27).

ritchie vanian

I can confirm Chip's statement.
I was in this vid as an extra. It was shot overnite - I believe in fact it was the same nite as daylite savings time.

6th Avenue- right around minetta to 8th street

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